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Kenosha Art Association
P.O.Box 1753   Kenosha, WI 53141
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BOARD MEMBERS For the 2006 - 2007 Year
President: Karen S. Wollert , VP: Kate Watling, Secretary:  Patricia Koesser, Treasurer:Sharon Christianson, Immediate Past President: Deanna Lynn
NEW Board Members: Joe Barr ’09, Dorothy Thompson '09, and Jan Marelli '09
Returning Board Members: Vince Gedgaudas ‘08, and Brigitta Richter ‘09

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Members & Artists

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GETTING TO KNOW YOU FORM and mail it in, or attach it to our webmaster’s email to have your info included on the site, as well as being published in the newsletter.
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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Yearly Membership runs from June 1st to May 31st.

List of (some) Members, Alphabetically:


Barks, Lenora - past KAA CO-Secretary, won many awards for her brightly colored paintings

Barr, Joe - Board Member, Membership Committee chairperson - nature photographer. His work has been shown at the Pollard Gallery in Kenosha, and at Uniquely Northern in Racine.

Bozon, Peggy - teaches Drawing and Painting classes at the Kenosha Public Museum, and has worked for Art Reach since 1960!

Carravetta, Pat - acrylic paintings, jewelry

Carravetta, Vickie - silk painting

Christianson, Sharon - Treasurer, Board member,
beaded jewelry

Comstock, Kathryn -
artist, oil paintings

Chachula, Mary Frances - member often participating in the Ceramics class

DeBerge, Lucy - Previous Board member

Draeger, Russell - Specializes in acrylic paintings of lighthouses. See his work in the Seascape section.

Farrell, Barbara - previous Board member, teaches Watercolor, winner of many local juried art shows.

Garland, Carolyn - see ‘Swede’

Gedgaudas, Vince
- board member, Advertisement Chairperson

Gehring, John - Portrait artist, teaches KAA Stained Glass classes; his work has been in the Packer Hall of Fame

Hovey, Melanie - creates beautiful stained glass, Lemon Street Art Gallery, past Board member

Hovey, Steve - member and Treasurer of the Kenosha Theater and is working on the Restoration Project, past board member

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Kappeler, Colleen - Photographer for theatre, portraits, weddings and nature

Kemen, Gene - 2002 board member

Knudsen, June - Founding KAA member and artist - watercolor paintings

Koesser, Pat - Secretary, Coordinator of many KAA events, such as the November Holiday Art Auction and Education/Classes.

Krok, Gail Lee - Stained glass, Jewelry

Kroll, Gerhard - teaches KAA Sculpture classes.
Find out more about him and about the artist gallery he belongs to.

LeFebve, Laryssa - realistic works in Arcylic and Oil Pastel. Laryssa was a student of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has had exhibits at the Kenosha Museum, the Kenosha County Fair (for 15 years), the Lake County Fair, and the Racine County Fair. She enjoys painting people, and nature in warm colors, using an expressionism approach. - See her work in Portraits, Landscapes, and Seascapes. Email Laryssa at

Lynn, Deanna - Immediate Past President, resigned, silk painting, jewelry design, rubber stamping art  -

Malkowski, Jim - Sculpture; owner of Garden Star Statuary.

Marrelli, Janice - Board member, Press Releases Chairperson- sculpture

Molinaro, Sharon - Specializes in Animal Acrylic paintings. See examples on our Animal page.

Montgomery, Jill - KUSD art teacher, past board member, painting -

Nelson, John - Specializes in realistic paintings and sculpture. See many of his works, also known as ‘Portraits for Peanuts’,  in Portraits and Sculptures

Nowicki, Sandra - Sculpture and Drawing- Teaches KAA classes on Pastels. Sandy has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, and is also a Graphic Artist. She owns four horses, which she rides in shows and on trails. Her horses also pull carriages in shows. “I spend a lot of time observing animals at my country home, and sketching at zoos in order to achieve realistic movement and detail in my sculpture. All of my sculptures are original, made from scratch, one of a kind. Commissions are gladly accepted!”. Contact Sandra by email - See more of Sandra’s work on

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Qui, J. R. - Abstracts, mostly in charcoal, ink and pencil

Richter, Brigitta - Board Member, Coordinator for the Spotlight Gallery -

Roberts, Betty - Oil paintings, landscapes, seascapes, and portraits; email her at

Royce, Irene
- teaches 2D art, specializes in Acrylic Paintings

Schoerberger, Donna - Acrylic paintings; email her at

Smith, Laura - pencil portraits of animals. See her artwork at and at or email her at
Here’s what Laura says about her work: ‘Pencil is the only medium I've ever really worked hard to master. (Not that I have by any means.) For some reason it just ticks all the boxes for me as far as my need to be creative. I love the ability to focus on the detail and really bring to life the characteristics in a subject that inspire me. My drawings begin as an emotional response to what I've learned about that subject and I have a strong desire to document those feelings artistically.’ Laura has also won Second Place for 2D, at the 2005 juried Kenosha Art Association Membership show, ‘Sentimental Journey’, held at the Kenosha Public Museum.

Swede: Carolyn Garland - Oil and Acrylic paintings of landscapes, sea scapes, animals, and still life.
                   email her at:

Tatman, Virginia - Founding KAA member from 1950; Recently passed away in 2005. We will miss her dearly.

Thompson, Dorothy - Board Member, KAA Historian and Scrapbook “Keeper”

Turk, Katherine - past board member -

Uttech, Greg - Oil and Acrylic paintings

VanBlarcom, Karen  - past board member, KUSD teacher

Villasenor, Rudy - portrait artist, oil paintings. Rudy has been painting with oil on canvas for the last 10 years and has for the most part concentrated on Portrait Painting. His first 20 years of work was related to the graphic arts.Contact Rudy via Email: or see his personal website at:

Watling, Dave - Acrylic paintings of landscapes - self proclaimed “jack of all trades”

Watling, Kate - Vice President , KAA Promoter, 'Volunteer Bucks" Coordinator - Sunshine Comittee Chairperson - does rubber stamping art and more . . .

Watring, Rita - past KAA Secretary, promoter of the arts

Watring, Roy - artist and Sculptor

Wheeler, Adelle - Former KAA Board Member, Secretary of the Racine Art Guild, Member of the Wisconsin Professional Painters and Sculptors Organization. Adelle has had shows at the Anderson Art Center, The Racine Wustum museum, The Kenosha Museum, Johnson Wax Co., Art Reach, the Rhode Spotlight Gallery, among others. Adelle’s choice of medium and color depend on her ‘feeling for the best way to interpret the subject’. She often uses an ’impressionistic technique with rich color, which brings out the spirit of the person, yet is a life-like portrayal of the person’. ‘I hope the viewer can enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it; then I have been successful.’ See Adelle’s work in our Abstract, Landscapes, and Seascapes sections. Email Adelle ->

Wollert-Gulbransen, Karen - President & Webmistress (The person who brought this site to you! ) Chairperson for the Good Old Summertime Art Fair. Specializes in realistic Animal and people Portraits and scenery, She has shown work through Art Reach, the Pollard Gallery, and at the Rhode Spotlight Gallery. Won the Open Class, Acrylic First place prize at the 2002 Kenosha County Fair, for her paintings Homer and Charlie Chaplin. Contact Karen through email at
Also had created sites for other artists:,,, and See to join a site of SE WI artists wishing to sell their work.

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